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Films that level you (and rebuild your love of cinema)

Quick, think of a film that absolutely leveled you on your first viewing. Picking one film from each of the last five decades I feel confident in saying popular opinion would come up with: 2000s - The Dark Knight1990s - Pulp Fiction1980s - (tie) Back to the Future - Alien1970s - (tie) The Godfather - Star Wars1960s - (3-way tie) 2001: A Space Odyssey - Psycho - Lawrence of Arabia For very different reasons these films absolutely captivated audiences and inspired creative minds both inside and outside the film world. Still, these are the easy picks. Films that hit at the right time to rattle the entire culture. But what about films that either hit a small subset of cinema goers or fester overtime to become classics? The truth is film like all artistic mediums is subjective and what some find astonishing, others hold as deplorable (have a discussion with me about Aliens sometime and you'll understand).

Whether you are one of the few who connect with a new film, rediscover something …

FWOAC 109 - Kingsman: The Secret Service | Days of Oscar Future & Past

FWOAC dances with the razor legs of Kingsman: The Secret Service. On both sides of the review, Jacob and Pat time travel Hollywoods biggest night; the Academy Awards. First we predict winners of the 88th academy awards, followed later by a discussion of the 1977 Oscar's where Rocky won best picture over Network, Taxi Driver, and All the Presidents Men.

FWOAC 108: Jupiter Ascending | Fury

FWOAC holds off the harvest with a review of Jupiter Ascending. Kicking things off Pat and Jacob react to the Spiderman joins the MCU news. For our feature segment we return to "We Heard Ya" with a late review of Fury.