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FWOAC 57: Only God Forgives / Top 9 Films of 90s

Filmcast Without a Cause meets the devil with a review of Only God Forgives. No NEWS!! Following the shortest intro to date and our feature review, Jacob and Pat reveal their Top 9 Films of the 90s.

FWOAC 56: R.I.P.D. / Graphic Novel adaptations

Filmcast Without a Cause passes judgement on the feature film RIPD. IN THE NEWS!! San Diego InternationalComic-Con, seriously... that's all we talk about in this week's news section. And to bring this episode to maximum level of nerdiness, we talk about film adaptations of graphic novels.

FWOAC 55: Pacific Rim / Cronos

Filmcast Without a Cause does battle with the beast that is Pacific Rim. In The News!! Mark Duplass gives some industry insight into Director hopefuls, are Pixar's films a ridiculously interwoven conspiracy? and Fox is planning to unleash the X-Force. For the special segment, Jacob and Pat return to the Filmmakers First Frames discussion of Guillermo Del Toro's Cronos.

FWOAC 54: Lone Ranger / 2013 Cinematic All-Stars.mp3

Filmcast Without a Cause is back in the saddle with a review of The Lone Ranger. In The News!! Potential super-cinema team-up of Del Toro and Kaufman to produce Slaughter-House Five, the San Diego Comic-Con looks awesome as usual, and Warner Bros won't let Harvey Weinstein use a movie title. Our Special Segment, Jacob and Pat touch em all with the second annual Cinematic All-star Movie Line-up.

FWOAC 53: The Heat / oblIVion

Filmcast Without a Cause fight crime and other-dimensional terrors with a review of The Heat and a FWOAC Franchise Flashback close out of the Phantasm Series. In the News! Encyclopedia Brown to be adapted to film, Captain Planet makes the jump as well, and Netflix debuts a new tool discover content.