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FWOAC 35: Amour

Le Filmcast sans cause goes French with a feature review of Amour. IN THE NEWS! Oscars, Independent Spirit, Razzie Awards chat and studios are upset they have to pay theaters for advertising. And in this week's special segment, Jacob and Pat visit with the ghost's of Oscar past.

FWOAC 34: A Good Day to Die Hard

It's a Good Day to FWOAC HARD! In the News! Michael Mann returns with a Cyberthriller, Universal reviving the Mummy, and David O. Russell reunites with his Oscar nominated actors for next film. In our special segment we talk the Oscars, but not this years Oscars.

FWOAC 33: Side Effects / Live Free or Die Hard

Filmcast Without a Cause goes pharming a feature review of Side Effects. IN THE NEWS!! Chris Pratt cast in Guardians of the Galaxy,Disney plans to make Star Wars stand-alone films, and Bruce Willis can't quit John McClane. Plus, the second FWOAC Franchise is on the precipe of wrapping up with a discussion on Live Free or Die Hard.

FWOAC 32: Sound City / Die Hard With a Vengence

Filmcast Without a Cause cranks it up to 11 with a review of Sound City. THE NEWS! The Superbowl gave showcased a handful of new film trailers, Superman Lives may end up being made... in retrospective documentary form, and special guest, Jason Burns of the Midwest Nerds podcast, joins us to discuss the announcement of Duncan Jones directing a Warcraft movie. In our special segment the FWOAC Franchise Flashback continues with a discussion of Die Hard With a Vengence.

FWOAC Franchise Flashback II:  DIE HARD!!
With just over a month until the release of A Good Day to Die Hard, Jacob and Pat are returning to the FWOAC FRANCHISE FLASHBACK series! In case you're new to the FFF game, this is not a true review, but a chance to revisit cherished filmographies and talk personal histories. You're thoughts and comments are needed! So pop in your old rundown VHS copy of Live Free of Die Hard and join us next week for a special segment discussion of the christmas classic. Watch the film! Sen…