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FWOAC 99: The Maze Runner | Gotham

FWOAC steeps itself in

Filmcast without a cause runs the gauntlet with a review of The Maze Runner. Following our weekly review we jump to the small screen and discuss FOX's Batman prequel Gotham. Kicking things off we return to the news discussing a trio of trilogies.

FWOAC 98: Amazon Pilots 2014 | MechaGodzilla

FWOAC steeps itself in the 2014 Amazon pilots. Opening the show we discuss the films we're anticipating of fall 2014. Plus we bring the Summer of Godzilla to a close with a duo of MechaGodzilla films.

FWOAC 97: Sin City 2 | 3rd Annual Golden ACs

Filmcast without a cause has its eyes open reviewing Sin City: Dame to Kill For. This episode also has the honor of hosting the third annual Golden ACs, plus the penultimate installment of the Summer of Godzilla: Godzilla vs Gigan and Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster.