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FWOAC 134: Deadpool | 1953 FWOSCAR revisit

FWOAC dons a mask and cracks some jokes in a review of Deadpool. Starting the show we end of Short Month/Short Story feature with a discussion of Re-Animator and the short story that inspired it. Plus we dive into an annual favorite discussing Oscars past, this year examining the best pics of the 1953 Academy Awards.

FWOAC 133: Hail, Caesar! | FWOAC Reads: Stagecoach

FWOAC tip toes through the treacherous golden era hollywood hills to review Hail, Caesar! But before we talk Coens, we discuss Superbowl movie trailers and our personal memories of films that first teased film goers during the biggest game of the year. And after a long hiatus Jacob and Pat pick up a book and discuss the differences and similarities between the John Ford classic Stagecoach and its short story source material "Stage to Lordsburg."