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FWOAC 124: The Martian | Rocky I & II

FWOAC blows itself up trying to review The Martian. Building up to Creed we polish off the old fashion FWOAC Franchise Flashback with the Rocky series. Starting the show we discuss the rise in popularity of Hard Sci-Fi.

FWOAC 123: Black Mass | Fall TV

FWOAC braves the tough streets of Southie for a review of Black Mass. Kicking things off Jacob and Pat discuss two films-turned-TV shows: Minority Report and Limitless. Closing out the show and Stathember, we discuss the colobaration of Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie.

FWOAC 122: The Transporter: Refueled | Golden ACs 2015

FWOAC hitches a ride with a review of The Transporter: Refueled. With the review Jacob and Pat debut a new tradition: Stathember with a runthrough of the Transporter franchise, and rounding out the summer we hand the "Golden ACs," our annual summer film awards.

FWOAC 121: Straight Outta Compton | The Fire Within

FWOAC rides the beat with a review of Straight Outta Compton. First things first we discuss the troubled waters of musical biopics. And after three months of classwork, FWOAC's Summer School comes to a close with a discussion of Louis Malle's The Fire Within.