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FWOAC 176: 5th Annual Golden ACs

FWOAC awards the standout films of Summer 2017 with golden air conditioners with the world reknowned summers end extravaganza; the fifth annual, Golden ACs.

FWOAC 175: Toxic Avenger 3 & 4

FWOAC invites Andrew Austin, TROMA fan and "The Power of Glove" documentary filmmaker, onto the show to close out our Summer of Troma with a discussion of Toxic Avenger 3 and Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4.

FWOAC 174: Terror Firmer

FWOAC withstands every possible obscene and grotesque nightmare you can conjure to continue our Summer of Troma, with a review of Terror Firmer. (Find the FULL FILM embedded below!)

FWOAC 173: Dunkirk

FWOAC traverse land, sea, and air to bring you a review of Dunkirk.