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FWOAC 61: The World's End | The Golden ACs

Filmcast Without a Cause gets annihilated with a review of The World's End. In The News!! Batfleck overreaction, Damon returning to the Bourne series, and Star Wars to be shot on film, is this a big deal? Plus the summer film session has come to a close so Jacob and Pat bestow the end of summer awards, the Golden ACs.

FWOAC 60: Kick Ass 2 / Movie Violence

Filmcast Without a Cause returns to fight crime with a review of Kick Ass 2. In The News!! Simon Pegg as Ant Man? Joseph Kosinski directing the Twilight Zone? You could direct a segment of ABCs of Death 2. Plus, coming to the end of a rather violent cinematic summer, Jacob and Pat discuss the merits of violence in film.

FWOAC 59: Elysium / Do The Right Thing

Filmcast Without a Cause syncs it brain with Elysium. In The News!! Avatar getting 3 sequels, Bruce Willis demands a million dollars a day, and PeeWee returning to the big screen. Plus, Jacob and Pat fill in their cinematic blindspots with a discussion of Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing.

FWOAC 58: The Wolverine / Director Extracurriculars

Filmcast Without a Cause battles its own existence with a review of The Wolverine. In The News!! The Lone Ranger filmmakers fight back, Harvey Weinstein talks crap about Iowans, and You can buy a piece of Ferris Beuler. For our special segement we discuss what Directors do when they're not making films.