FWOAC 59: Elysium / Do The Right Thing

Filmcast Without a Cause syncs it brain with Elysium. In The News!! Avatar getting 3 sequels, Bruce Willis demands a million dollars a day, and PeeWee returning to the big screen. Plus, Jacob and Pat fill in their cinematic blindspots with a discussion of Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing.

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
Intro - Movie News
  • James Cameron struggling writing Avatar 2, yet news of 3 sequels released.
  • Bruce Willis wanted 4 million dollars for 4 days of work on Expendables 3
  • New PeeWee film supposedly filming next year.
    Feature Review: Elysium

    New on DVD & Recommendations
    Cinematic Blindspots: Do The Right Thing


    Next Review: Kick Ass 2