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FWOAC 161: Amazon Pilots 2017 | Iron Fist

FWOAC jumps into the streams and reviews Marvel's IronFist. First things first, FWOAC takes another turn discussing Amazon's pilot season.

FWOAC 160: Jaws 1 & 2

FWOAC flashes back to the original summer film: Jaws (and it's sequel).

FWOAC 159: Logan

FWOAC slogs through the horrors of aging in America with a review of Logan. And that's it because we have split the show into Review episodes and Fun episodes.

FWOAC 158: Cure For Wellness | 55th Academy Awards | Next Year's (2018) Oscars

FWOAC tries to stay hydrated while reviewing A Cure for Wellness. On both sides of the review we talk Oscar's; first picking the 2018 winners and following the film we revisit the best picture nominees of the 55th Academy Awards showcasing the films of 1982.