Best Films of Last Year

Best films of the year list are everywhere, and depending on your window into the world of cinema those lists tend to have a very similar order and feel. Well FWOAC does things a little differently. Rather than being held to the feelings of the moment, Jacob and Pat allow a little time to pass before unveiling their favorites of a given calendar year.

The manner by which those lists are built is completely different, but long after award shows, timeliness, backlashes, and fanaticism dies out before FWOAC recounts the year that was 360-some days in the past. Here you'll find links to those shows as well as each host's list. Remember, the quality and impact of any art is never truly known until history has its say.

Jacob's 2017 Favorites Pat's 2017 Favorites
10Brawl in Cell Block 99 The Lego Batman Movie
9Lady Bird Ingrid Goes West
8Blade Runner 2049 Baby Driver
7Get Out Get Out
6 Mudbound Raw
5DunkirkBlade Runner 2049
4 ColossalA Ghost Story
3 Mother! Logan
2Phantom ThreadMother!
1A Ghost Story The Florida Project

Jacob's 2016 Favorites Pat's 2016 Favorites
10Tower Moonlight
9The Lobster Kubo and the Two Strings
8Arrival La La Land
7Moonlight Arrival
6 Jackie Green Room
5The Handmaiden Hunt for the Wilderpeople
4 American Honey Sing Street
3 Paterson Hell or High Water
2Sing Street The Lobster
1OJ: Made in America Hail, Caesar!

Jacob's 2015 Favorites Pat's 2015 Favorites
10Buzzard Brooklyn
9The Hateful Eight The Big Short
8Room Spotlight
7Phoenix Room
6 Spotlight The Revenant
5Anomalisa What We Do in the Shadows
4 What We Do in the Shadows The Martian
3 Mad Max: Fury Road Carol
2Ex Machina Inside Out
1Inside Out Mad Max: Fury Road

Jacob's 2014 Favorites Pat's 2014 Favorites
10I Origins Chef
9The Raid 2 The Raid 2
8The Double Force Majeure
7Selma Boyhood
6 Calvary The Lego Movie
5The Grand Budapest Hotel Guardians of the Galaxy
4 Noah Whiplash
3 Boyhood The Grand Budapest Hotel
2Snowpiercer Snowpiercer
1Whiplash Birdman

Jacob's 2013 Favorites Pat's 2013 Favorites
10 Stoker What Maisie Knew
9 No Drinking Buddies
8 Captain Phillips Short Term 12
7 The Wolf of Wall Street Before Midnight
6 Short Term 12 Pacific Rim
5 Upstream Colour History of Future Folk
4 Gravity Inside Llewellyn Davis
3 12 Years a Slave Her
2 Her Mud
1 Mud Upstream Colour

Jacob's 2012 Favorites Pat's 2012 Favorites
10 Sound of my Voice The Grey
9 Life of Pi Life of Pi
8 Holy Motors Seven Psychopaths
7 Looper Avengers
6 Moonrise Kingdom Beasts of the Southern Wild
5 Zero Dark Thirty Holy Motors
4 Django Unchained Looper
3 Ruby Sparks Django Unchained
2 The Master Robot & Frank
1Seven Psychopaths Vanishing Waves

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Jacob's 2011 Favorites Pat's 2011 Favorites
10 Warrior Tree of Life
9 The Descendents Midnight in Paris
8 War Horse Source Code
7 Tree of Life Take Shelter
6 13 Assassins Attack the Block
5 Take Shelter The Descendents
4 Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Fincher) Rise of the Planet of the Apes
3 Submarine Hugo
2 Drive Warrior
1 Hugo 13 Assassins