FWOAC 232: The Matrix Franchise

FWOAC takes the red pill and goes as deep as the rabbit hole allows discussing each installment in The Matrix franchise..

FWOAC 231: Captain Marvel

FWOAC dances with Kree, Skrulls and Flerkens in order to discuss Marvel's Captain Marvel.

FWOAC 230: Predict 2020 Oscars |10th Academy Awards

FWOAC travels forward and backward in time to predict the 2020 Oscars as well as review the Outstanding Production nominees of the 10th Academy Awards in 1938.

Let's not burn Green Book just yet

If you watched the 91st Academy Awards, you felt it the moment it happened. Green Book winning the Best Picture Oscar deflated the beautiful night of progressive wins. Black Panther winners felt justified and exactly the right choice, Roma's awards were cathartic artistic wins for small stories and a people maliciously and baselessly assaulted daily in this country, and Spike Lee's screenplay victory was both a fantastic make good as well as right for the moment, but Green Book...

Look, Green Book is not a bad film. It is not the ideal, progressive vehicle to discuss race relations in the 50s, but still it has value. At times it is easy to get caught up in the world of hard right conservatism vs hard left progressiveness, but that is not dichotomy is not the world writ large.

Calling these statues awards is ridiculous. Art isn't about competition or besting your peers. Somewhere around the time the event started being telecast, the Academy Awards went from recognition of ou…

FWOAC 229: Damsel

FWOAC dances in the sun of the old & new west with the 2018 Sundance film, Damsel.

FWOAC 228: Glass | 2019 Cinematic Wishes

FWOAC gets its hopes up for the cinematic year of 2019 plus a discussion of M Night Shyamalan's Glass.