FWOAC 186: Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

FWOAC looks to unfurl a knotted mess of suspects in our review of 2017's Murder on the Orient Express


  1. I really enjoy your podcast, but I have to add my 2 cents on your review of Murder on the Orient Express.
    I've spent the last year reading through Christie's works (I've only read a 1/3, as there are so many), to me Murder on the Orient Express is the most "plane read" of Poirot. I love Murder on the Orient Express but of the Poirot stories it's not my favorite. I sort of groaned when I saw the first preview for this as I love David Suchet (who has portrayed Poirot for many years) and I didn't feel as though it needed to be redone, however I really loved this movie. I was dreading the mustache (it should be smaller and black in my opinion), but you are right other than a few comments they moved past it and he really encapsulated what Poirot is as a detective. He is very OCD, he knows things you wouldn't expect someone to know and he is delightfully arrogant. You are right about the crazy camera angles, but I think they had to make this film nice to look at because it is kind of a boring story. The best line of this movie was actually stolen from another Agatha Christie novel;
    “You tell your lies and you think nobody knows. But there are two people who know. Yes- two people. One is le bon Dieu - and the other is Hercule Poirot” It was actually from Mystery on the Blue Train, normally a thing like that would bother me, but in this case I loved it. How it was set up, with the passengers sitting in a "last supper" like fashion, I lost it right there in the theater. I bawled like a baby. (but I cried during Spiderman 3 so it wasn't that hard.)
    I agree with what you said about hoping that this becomes a new franchise, I feel that Kenneth Branaugh as Poirot in more movies (better stories) would be very enjoyable.
    Also, there is another Agatha Christie based movie coming out in the spring, Crooked House, that is my favorite of her novels I've read so far, so if the movie is bad I'm going to riot in the streets.
    Sorry for my random comments, I love your podcast. :)


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