FWOAC 15- Taken2/Alien3

Filmcast Without A Cause loves its sequels and this week we discuss Taken 2 and Alien3.What new in the film world? NetFlix to release its own original series titled "House of Cards," Buzz is mounting for the documentary Room 237, Michael Bay is getting into the found-footage trend, and an artist reverses Disney's princess films with a series of victorious villians. Lots of news, a feature review and our FWOAC Franchise Flashback keeps on rolling, not an episode you'll want to miss.

Next Week: Franchise Flashback
Jacob and Pat continue their franchise mining next week with a discussion of Alien: Resurrection. By now hopefully you know this isn't a true review, but a chance to talk filmographys. You're thoughts and comments are needed! Watch the film this week and send us an email, a tweet or leave a comment on this post!

Enjoy the show and make sure to leave us some comments/feedback so we can make this puppy sparkle (and REEL QUICK please patronize some of our advertisers to help us cover the cost of producing and hosting the show).

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
0:00 - 23:57     Intro - Movie News
  • NetFlix releasing original series titled "House of Cards"
  • Uberanalysis documentary "Room 237" gaining buzz
  • Michael Bay sells a found-footage film
  • Artist releases series of victorious Disney villian posters
23:58 - 33:48 Feature Review: Taken 2
33:49 - 38:01 New on DVD & Recommendations
38:02 - 50:48 FWOAC Franchise Flashback: Alien 3
50:48 - 53:54 Recommendations & Closing
  • Next Review: Argo