FWOAC 6: Total Recall / Remake Breakdown

Filmcast Without a Cause gets it butt to Mars... well in this case the United Federation of Britain. FWOAC 6 is all about the remakes, the good ones, the bad ones, and the ones we'd like to see. The show starts with BFI ranking of Vertigo as the best film of all time and the announcement of Joss Whedon returning to helm Avengers 2 and other Marvel news. Our feature review for the week is the 2012 version of Total Recall which leads Jacob and Pat down a long list of remakes that work and do not.


Jacob and Pat want your help! The guys want to hand out awards to the best films of the summer. We're looking for possible award catagories

Enjoy the show and make sure to leave us some comments/feedback so we can make this puppy sparkle.

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
0:00 - 14:56     Intro - Movie News
  • BFI ranks Vertigo as best film ever made.
  • Joss Whedon Returns to helm Avengers 2
  • Fox may lose Daredevil rights back to Marvel 
14:57 - 23:07 Total Recall review
23:08 - 39:12 Fun and Games
  • New on DVD
  • Weekly Reccommendations
  • Remakes: The Good, The Bad, and The Possible.
39:13 - 42:44 Closing
  • Next Review: Beasts of the Southern Wild