87th Academy Awards FWOAC Pool

Click the heading to enter!

Award season is upon us and FWOAC is not immune to prognostication, snubbification, and estimation! The difference is this year we want YOU! to join in on the fun. Jacob and Pat are opening up their Academy Awards pool to everyone who loves movies and happens onto our site/podcast. 

For those image impaired, the entry link is http://goo.gl/forms/uV3jY9bCA1
It costs nothing and only takes a few minutes to submit your answers

Categories are weighted so guessing Best Picture is worth more than Make Up and Sound Mixing.

Will Boyhood win Best Picture? Will Guardians of the Galaxy win Best Visual Effects? Will Wes Anderson win Best Director for The Grand Budapest Hotel? We've all got an opinion, Why not enter yours at a chance to win!

Is there a Prize? ...Probably, but we have yet to decide exactly what it will be. Maybe a blu-ray, maybe a movie ticket, maybe just an invite to guest on the podcast. Pool entry will be closed Noon, on Oscar Sunday. Time is running out people! So click enter the pool, have fun, and tune into the show following the big night –SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2015– to find out if you won!