FWOAC 64: Bad Milo | The Fly [1958]

FWOAC goes deep with a review of the butt monster horror film, Bad Milo. In the News! More Harry Potter, more Star Wars, and see the Little Mermaid in theaters while peaking over your iPad. For our special segment we kickoff another FWOAC Franchise Flashback with 1958's The Fly and toss in a little something special with a new segment titled "FWOAC Reads!".

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    FilmcastWOAC Contents:
    Intro - Movie News

  • Harry Potter Universe to be fattened
  • Star Wars to have character origin films.
  • Disney hosting "second screen" showings of The Little Mermaid
  • Feature Review: Bad Milo
    New on DVD & Recommendations

    FWOAC Franchise Flashback & FWOAC READS!: The Fly


    Next Review: Prisoners