FWOAC 54: Lone Ranger / 2013 Cinematic All-Stars.mp3

Filmcast Without a Cause is back in the saddle with a review of The Lone Ranger. In The News!! Potential super-cinema team-up of Del Toro and Kaufman to produce Slaughter-House Five, the San Diego Comic-Con looks awesome as usual, and Warner Bros won't let Harvey Weinstein use a movie title. Our Special Segment, Jacob and Pat touch em all with the second annual Cinematic All-star Movie Line-up.

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
Intro - Movie News
  • Hollywood Dream Duo to potentially adapt Kurt Vonnegut's masterpiece
  • San Diego Comic Con looks cool once again
  • The Butler title fiasco
Feature Review: The Lone Ranger

New on DVD & Recommendations
The Second Annual Cinematic All-star Movie Line-up


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