FWOAC 39: Spring Breakers

CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! FWOAC! Filmcast Without a Cause heads for warmer climates with a feature review of Spring Breakers. IN THE NEWS! Jane Got a Gun production flustercluck, TMNT casting beings, and Robert Redford to join Captain America: The Winter Soldier? And because Spring Breakers pulse pounding style, we discuss films that make you say "What did I just watch?"

Want to give us your take?

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
00:00 - 14:13 Intro - Movie News
  • Jane Got a Gun director debacle
  • Michael Bay starts casting TMNT reboot
  • Robert Redford may be joining Marvel's film universe
14:14 - 30:24 Feature Review: Spring Breakers
    Break Music: Jimmy Fallon: Spring Break Songs

    30:25 - 38:00 New on DVD & Recommendations
    38:01 - 55:43 "What did I just watch?" Films

    Break: Zardoz: Opening Monologue

    55:44 - 1:00:26 Closing

    Next Review: G.I Joe: Retaliation