FWOAC 33: Side Effects / Live Free or Die Hard

Filmcast Without a Cause goes pharming a feature review of Side Effects. IN THE NEWS!! Chris Pratt cast in Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney plans to make Star Wars stand-alone films, and Bruce Willis can't quit John McClane. Plus, the second FWOAC Franchise is on the precipe of wrapping up with a discussion on Live Free or Die Hard.

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
00:00 - 15:49 Intro - Movie News
  • Chris Pratt cast as Starlord
  • Disney planning to make spinoff Star Wars Films
  • Die Hard 6 is likely going to happen.
15:50 - 30:10 Feature Review: Side Effects

Break Music: Purple Pills - D12

30:11 - 37:52 New on DVD & Recommendations
37:53 - 1:01:11 FWOAC Franchise Flashback: Live Free or Die Hard

Break Music: Guyz Nite - Die Hard

53:42 - 58:01 Closing

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