FWOAC 152: Allied | Incorporated | 2016 Cine Gifts

FWOAC wanders through the moroccan desert to review Allied. To start the show we run through our 2016 suggestions for holiday cinema gifts. On the back end we review SyFy's latest series debut, Incorporated.

Can't wait through a podcast for gift ideas? Well a list is waiting for you just below.

First off, join our film league! You heard Jacob talk about it on the show, now play along each week and see how good you are stocking a fantasy movie theater with hit films. All you need to do is

  1. Visit FWOAC's Fantasy Movie League page 
  2. Sign up for your own account.
  3. Then enter the Filmcast's league password: FWOAC
After that you're ready to make weekly selections for what films to stock your fantasy movie theater with. Hope to see you on FML and good luck managing your virtual theater.

FWOAC 2016 Holiday Film Gift ideas

Jacob's Gift ideas Pat's Gift ideas
Book Secret history of Twin Peaks Robert Bresson's Notes on the Cinematographer
Boxset Dekalog or Prince Mel Brooks Collection Blu-ray
Toy Playstation VR Build-a-Bear Star Trek 50th
What to Watch Sing Street Killer Joe or Don't Breathe
Fun Gremlin's Vinyl Soundtrack Film Map from We Are Dorothy
Herzog Metal Tshirt

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