FWOAC 62: Prince Avalanche | Fall 2013 film preview

Filmcast Without a Cause reaps the rewards of reviewing Prince Avalanche. In The NewS!!! Linklater's 12 year film project finally done? Star Trek Into Darkness's annoying bluray release, Stefon the Movie almost happened. As we head into a season, Jacob and Pat breakdown the pictures to get excited about with a Fall 2013 film preview.

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
Intro - Movie News
  • Richard Linklater's long-running project may be released next year
  • Paramount's Star Trek Into Darkness Bluray is lame.
  • Bill Hader said there was talk of a Stefon movie.
Feature Review: Prince Avalanche

New on DVD & Recommendations
FWOAC's Summer Movie Awards: Fall 2013 Film Preview


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