FWOAC 27: Django Unchained / Cinematic Blindspots

Filmcast Without a Cause talks spaghetti westerns and German folktales with a feature review of Django Unchained. IN THE NEWS: Jay Z signed to score Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, Tolkien's Middle Earth to be an amusement park? Justice League characters revealed, WGA nominations out! And as part of a cinematic New Years resolution exercise, Jacob and Pat reveal their cinematic blindspots they hope to cure in the new year.

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
00:00 - 21:32 Intro - Movie News
  • Jason Reitman campaigns for Looper screenplay Oscar
  • 2012 Black List
  • Tarantino discusses Inglorious Basterds spinoff
21:33 - 37:35 Feature Review: Django Unchained

Break Song - Richie Havens "Freedom"

37:36 - 44:40 New on DVD & Recommendations
44:41 - 52:57 3 Cinematic Wishes for 2012

Break Song - John Parr - "Restless Heart" (Running Man closing credits song)

52:58 - 56:26 Closing

Next Review: Zero Dark Thirty