New on Home Entertainment: December 11, 2012

Obviously we can't review every film on the podcast, but that doesn't mean we don't have opinions. Each week Jacob and Pat will offer a couple quick words on the new DVD/Blu-ray releases, and if you're thinking about buying it, we've provided a quick link over to Amazon.

JacobThe Bourne LegacyPat
Renner is a good action presence and the film is a watchable action thriller, but as franchise fodder it feels more like a season premiere of a TV show than an essential chapter in the series.
A serviceable entrance into a new franchise in a cine-verse we're all comfortable with. Far from perfect, but I'm interested to see where it goes from here.

JacobDoomsday BookPat (haven't seen)

Another anthology film, this one a series of sci-fi stories by South Korean directors including Kim Ji Woon (I Saw The Devil).  I know little about this, but the trailer has some awesome imagery -including robots- so I definitely want to seek this out.
I had not heard of this film before Jacob mentioned it. More often than not that is a bad sign. It will sit in cine-limbo for the foreseeable future.

Jacob (not seen)
Ice Age: Continental DriftPat (not seen)
I'm not a big fan of the Ice Age series and, in fact, have missed the past couple sequels.  The one thing that would make me consider renting this would be the chance to see the Simpsons short that accompanied this in theaters, which from what I can tell is not included on the home video release.
I have seen all of these films and the last was unexpectedly enjoyable. Even with watchable precursors, these characters feel played out, yet this is one of those films that you know you'll see at some family event or while hanging with small children. Might as well brace yourself for your next run-in with Scrat.

JacobTedPat (haven't seen)
Despite his Family Guy tendencies to throw in random pop culture references, Seth McFarlane's Ted is a successful comedy that will probably prove to be very rewatchable in social situations.
In a summer that was suprisingly lacking quality laughers, this film was head and shoulders of its brothers and sisters. If you like your crudeness unfiltered, this film is for you.

Following - Criterion CollectionPat (half seen) 

Christopher Nolan's debut film shows the director was a master of clever twists and non-linear narratives from the very beginning.  This Criterion release includes a 3-minute short Nolan made in 1997..
An intriguing premise that did not hold my attention beyond the first 20 minutes. While I can't call it a bad film, it is nothing to be revered or remembered.