FWOAC 24 - Anna Karenina

Filmcast Without a Cause heads to the motherland with a review of Anna Karenina. Before we tackle Joe Wright's latest, THE NEWS: Kevin Smith decides to round out his filmography with a threequel, Tartino starts talking his next film, Rise of the Guardians spells a huge loss for Dreamworks, and Tom Cruise's next NEXT film could have some serious implications. Finally, Jacob and Pat round the show out writing letters to Santa.

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
0:00 - 16:54 Intro - Movie News
  • Kevin Smith and Clerks III
  • Tartino discusses potential 30s gangster film
  • Rise of the Guardians is Dreamworks anchor
  • Oblivion trailer debuts. 
16:55 - 25:34 Feature Review: Anna Karenina
25:35 - 33:04 New on DVD & Recommendations
33:05 - 46:51 Dear Santa: A Cinematic Gift List

46:52 - 49:43 Closing

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