12/4/12: New on Home Entertainment

Obviously we can't review every film on the podcast, but that doesn't mean we don't have opinions. Each week Jacob and Pat will offer a couple quick words on the new DVD/Blu-ray releases, and if you're thinking about buying it, we've provided a quick link over to Amazon.

Jacob Men in Black III Pat (haven't seen)
The 2012 summer blockbuster that I think everybody forgot existed.
If you're nostalgic for the bygone age of 2002, this one's for you. Even with some crummy time travel logic, Brolin's performance alone makes this a better sequel than the last MiB.

This film has everything that would normally bring me to the theater; aliens, time travel, comedic temperment... but I'm a little tired of Will Smith and it feels like this film is about 3 or 4 years late. Eventually I'll get to it.

Jacob (haven't seen)
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry Pat (haven't seen)

I know very little about this film's subject, the controversial Chinese artist Ai Weiwei but the fact that this documentary is on the Oscar shortlist suggests that this would be a good introduction to the controversial figure.
I am completely unfamiliar with this artist, and while the trailer makes him interesting, it doesn't make me feel the absolute need to watch it now.

Jacob Beasts of the Southern Wild Pat

A truly original film with great performances from several first-time actors.  This is definitely one to check out before you make your Best Of 2012 list.
In a year that was very heavy in Sequels and Prequels this film was tall glass of water on a hot day.  I love this film and it is currently the only contemporary film on my Christmas list.

Jacob The Dark Knight Rises Pat

Globetrotting nit-picking aside, I am anxious to revisit Christopher Nolan's Batman swansong.
Like a lot of fans, I was mildly disappointed by the film (perhaps by holding it to the impossibly high standard of the The Dark Knight).  Couple that with the fact that our negativity-skewed Internet culture has continued to rag on the film's flaws,over time the highs of the film have faded in my memory and what remain are the lows.  Hopefully, a rewatch will fall in the film's favor.  Also, it will be nice to put subtitles on Bane at certain spots.

I can't think of any film that let me down more. TDKR is quite watchable, but frustrating beyond the point of enjoyable.

Jacob (haven't seen)
Butter Pat (haven't seen)

Even the fact that this comedy is set in my home state of Iowa is not enough to want to check this one out.  The trailer suggests a political satire where winning a butter carving competition is just as much a status symbol as elected office...Iowa!
This film looks too foolish to be ignored. I will eventually see it with basement expectations.

this is where things go

Jacob (haven't seen)
Hope Springs Pat (haven't seen)

A romantic comedy for the over 60 set?
Probably not for me.

I'm not proud to admit this but there is one scene in this film that has me interested on a purely voyeur basis.

this is where things go

Jacob (haven't seen)
The Odd Life of Timothy Green Pat (haven't seen)

An inspirational family dramedy about a plant boy?
Probably not for me.

Every year there are a handful of films where you aren't interested, but you prepare yourself because you can tell your significant other will be.

Jacob (haven't seen)
V/H/S Pat (haven't seen)
A found footage horror anthology featuring segments by Joe Swanberg and Ti West?
Yeah, this is probably for me.
I actually have a soft spot for anthology films.  Rarely often are they consistently good, but they sometimes contain some great short films.

Not completely disinterested, but these films don't tend to grab me.

Brazil Pat
I already own Criterion's insanely thorough 3-disc package of Gilliam's masterwork on DVD...but someday I will own it in HD.  Someday.
This is one of my favorite films and Criterion makes this iteration a true need.

Finding Nemo Pat
You don't need me to tell you that this is one of Pixar's great films.
The Pixar Blu-Rays I own look absolutely gorgeous and that's enough for me to say that I will one day double-dip on this one and find a home for my DVD copy.

What Jacob said.