11/20/12: New on Home Entertainment

Obviously we can't review every film on the podcast, but that doesn't mean we don't have opinions. Each week Jacob and Pat will offer a couple quick words on the new DVD/Blu-ray releases, and if you're thinking about buying it, we've provided a quick link over to Amazon.

Jacob Expendables 2 Pat (haven't seen)
A bigger sequel that delivers the guilty pleasures promised by it's predecessor.
Dumb action will always find a place in my viewing habits, I'm just not rushing out to rent it.

Jacob (haven't seen)
The Dust Bowl Pat (haven't seen)

Ken Burns is at his best when he's focused on a specific historical figure or period.   I look forward to finding the four hours it will take to watch this.
Who doesn't like a little historic perspective on a less than defined period in our shared history. To be honest thought... I'll probably see Expendables 2 before the Dust Bowl.

Jacob Grave of the Fireflies Pat  (haven't seen)

One of the best Anime films- period. Grave is a testament to the power of animation and one of the most heartbreaking films- animated or live action- ever made.
You can only hear a movie is astonishing so many times before you start to feel the itch to see it. This will be the next animated film I view.

Jacob (haven't seen) Heaven's Gate Criterion Collection Pat (haven't seen)

A financial and critical fiasco that pretty much killed its studio, United Artists, and ended an era of auteur-driven film production. The film's reputation has gotten better over the years and now I want to get my hands on this Criterion Collection Blu Ray to decide for myself.
I have heard a little of the buzz for this film, but I'm not torn either way to pop it into my Blu-ray player. It's on the backburner.

Tarantino XX Film Collection Pat

I'm a fan of all of these films and this seems to be an impressive packaging.  If you don't own any of these yet, this might be a convenient way to get them all in one swoop.
If I was to buy a Tarantino collection this would be the one; however, he has a new film coming out NEXT MONTH! This feels like a overstock dump. Love the content, just too soon to buy for me.