11/13/12: New On Home Video

Obviously we can't review every film on the podcast, but that doesn't mean we don't have opinions. Each week Jacob and Pat will offer a couple quick words on the new DVD/Blu-ray releases, and if you're thinking about buying it, we've provided a quick link over to Amazon.

Jacob The Amazing Spiderman Pat
A great cast keeps this reboot from being redundant.
A Slightly darker and more mopey Spiderman than audiences know, nothing groundbreaking, but fun.

Jacob Brave Pat (haven't seen)

Far from Pixar's best effort, but a sweet and funny fairytale nonetheless.
Interested, but doesn't seem to have the unique hook necessary for me to tune into any animated film.

Jacob Pixar Short Collections 2 Pat 

While some of the shorts in this collection are simply DVD extras, all are incredibly charming examples of what makes Pixar great.
I love short films and these films are some of the best. I want this, pronto.

Jacob (haven't seen) Fantastic Fear of Everything Pat (haven't seen)

Just look at this cover. I never want to know anything more about this movie.
Unlike Jacob, this DVD cover sells it for me. It doesn't hurt I'm a huge Simon Pegg fan.

Savages Pat (haven't seen) 

Stylish, but vapid crime thriller that is a return to 90s-era excess for Oliver Stone.
I've never understood the allure of Stone Anne this film looks like a self indulgent violent mess.

The Watch Pat

Very disappointing effort wastes a good cast with obvious jokes and stupid plotting.
A pointless, paycheck film for everyone involved.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Pat

A time travel classic makes it's way to High Definition just in time for my Christmas list!
A major film from my youth, see it now and then see it tomorrow.