FWOAC 18 - Cloud Atlas

Filmcast Without a Cause straddles the time/space continuum with its review Cloud Atlas. In the news we tackle buzz about the next James Bond, Arnold Schwarzenneger returning to the Conan film world, and the new Xmen movie is in trouble. Finally we close out the show with a little freaky film discussed thanks to the holiday.

Post-Election Show Homework
Since next week's show will be released the day after the U.S. election, Jacob and Pat are planning on discussing the best political characters in film, fictional character or real person, the rules are not hard and fast. As always your thoughts are welcome. Make a quick list and tweet them to us at @FilmcastWOAC. Also, since we have a week, why not watch the film its been the longest since viewing and see if your fondness for this political figure holds true..

Enjoy the show and make sure to leave us some comments/feedback so we can make this puppy sparkle (and REEL QUICK please patronize some of our advertisers to help us cover the cost of producing and hosting the show).

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
0:00 - 18:14     Intro - Movie News
  • Idris Elba may be next Bond?
  • Arnold returns to Conan Franchise
  • Matthew Vaughn drops out of Xmen: Days of Future Past
    • Details on "The Wolverine" hit the internet
18:15 - 31:13 Feature Review: Cloud Atlas
31:14 - 37:43 New on DVD & Recommendations
37:44 - 49:59 Spooky Films from childhood to adulthood
50:00 - 57:22 Closing
  • Next Review: Wreck it Ralph


  1. Silver Bullet terrified me as a kid! The werewolf was scary, and as an adult, Gary Busey just scares me in general.

    1. Why have I never heard of this film before. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hSkvsPs13I

      I guess I really need to read some Stephen king.

  2. When I think presidential, I always think of Bill Pullman's character from Independence Day... That may say a lot about how bombastic that Roland Emmerich film is than anything else. Martin Sheen from The West Wing, on the television front... "The Manchurian Candidate" or "All The President's Men" are films I think of whenever I think of politics for some unknown reason.


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