FWOAC 11: Celeste and Jesse Forever / Revolution

Filmcast Without a Cause drops deep into the indie world of heartbreak with a review of Celeste and Jesse Forever. AND HOW ABOUT WE BREAK THE RULES!! Jacob and Patrick review the first episode of Revolution, J.J. Abrams show where electricity is a thing of the past. All that and of course news! Apologies for the last post

Next Week: Franchise Flashback
Join Jacob and Pat next week as they kick of the "Franchise Flashback" marathon.
FWOAC is gonna start this little adventure by looking at the Alien franchise, but 
we aren't starting with the film you'd expect... No sir, we're start with the with the 
precursor, Alien scibe Dan O'Bannon space comedy; Dark Star. Don't know where
to find it? We've found it for you on YouTube and posted the entire film below. View
it and play along!

Enjoy the show and make sure to leave us some comments/feedback so we can make this puppy sparkle (and REEL QUICK please patronize some of our advertisers to help us cover the cost of producing and hosting the show).

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
0:00 - 14:47     Intro - Movie News
  • Safe House gets a sequel
  • Multiple actors to head behind the camera for the first time
  • TIFF hype/rumors breakdown
14:48 - 22:33 Celeste and Jesse Forever
22:34 - 45:06 New on DVD & Revolution review
  • New on DVD
  • Weekly Recommendations
  • Small Screen Review: Revolution
45:07 - 49:20 Recommendations & Closing
  • Next Review: ????