Ep #2: Amazing Spider-man / Dream Comic-Con Announcements

Filmcast Without a Cause has decided against rebooting the show and instead produced EPISODE 2! What can you expect? Jacob and Pat react to San Diego Comic-Con teases and expectations, a new web series being produced by Bryan Singer and eventually getting to Michael Fassbender headlining an adaptation of the Ubisoft game "Assassin's Creed." For our feature review we break down Marc Webb's The Amazing Spiderman, followed by a discussion of pie-in-the-sky, dream announcements from Comic-Con, and if you're still with us after all of that we spoiled The Amazing Spider-man rotten at the very end of the show.

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FilmcastWOAC Contents:
0:00 - 15:10     Intro - Movie News
  • San Diego Comic-Con Expectations and Teases
  • Bryan Singer Producing Sci-Fi Web Series "H+"
  • Robocop Remake Viral Marketing Hits Web
15:20 - 29:30 The Amazing Spiderman review
29:53 - 32:00 New on DVD/Blu-ray
32:01 - 44:30 Fun and Games
  • YouTube.com's Your Film Festival
  • Michael Fassbender producing and starring in "Assassin's Creed" adaption
  • Dream Comic-Con Announcements
44:57 - 48:50 Next Episode - Closing
  • Next Review: From Rome With Love
49:14 - 1:03:43 Amazing Spoilage




  1. Spoilers follow below:

    You are spot on with the Amazing Spider-Man review, as it echoes my own opinions. Andrew Garfield amazes in this film as much as he did in the Social Network, and Emma Stone is way better than Kirsten Dunst ever was in the entire series.
    I disliked the crane scene, too. Way unnecessary. The after-credits scene should have been used to better effect in at least foreshadowing with more definition who the villain of Amazing Spider-Man 2 is, not hinting at anything dealing with Mary and Richard Parker, some of the only characters to remain dead in comic book history.
    In the comics at some point, Richard and Mary Parker are brought back as robotic replicas. That was a bad story line in the realms of "Sins Past" and the "Clone Saga." Now, that's not to say that Ultimate Spider-Man doesn't make hints about Richard Parker's legacy as a scientist, with Richard helping to create the Ultimate version of Venom and by association Carnage. For me, that mystery was the hook to get new fans into the films that has no canonical history to back it up and has irked me since day one of the new advertisements for the reboot.
    In Ultimate Spider-Man, Gwen is still alive, but she is a different character then presented in the films, too, so I'm going to guess she's going to meet a fate similar to what happens in the 616-Marvel Universe in later films, but maybe not for another two or three. Also, I was shocked they went with the Death of Captain Stacy route so soon. I saw that happening in Amazing Spider-Man 2.
    Speaking of Amazing Spider-Man 2, the villains I'd love to see are Electro or Mysterio. With Mysterio, you could also do Chameleon as a sub-villain and really get the head tripping psychological double-whammy on the hero. Plus, that would help make Amazing Spider-Man 3 or 4 ready for the launch of the Sinister Six.
    Also, can we talk about how awesome Martin Sheen was in this film? Too bad we had to trade Rosemary Harris as Aunt May for Sally Field, though....
    Pumpkin headed Spider-Man villain is aptly named Jack O'Lantern.

    You also nailed my dream Comic-Con announcement on the head - additional adventures of the Serenity crew.
    A very enjoyable episode.

    1. SPOILERS-

      Nathan, I am SHAMED that I didn't give a shout out to Sheen's Uncle Ben. The late Clint Robertson was pretty great, but I had an emotional attachment with Sheen I didn't have with Robertson. A lot of this was because of writing--Sheen didn't have to give the verbatim 'with great power...' speech and the voice mail was devastating.

      I'm very curious to see where they go with Gwen. I think the film character is a combination of the 616 Gwen and the Ultimate Mary Jane (in that she becomes his confidant surprisingly early on). If they do "616" her, it will be devastating..much more than it would have been if Raimi had done it to Bryce Dallas Howard.

      Also, I'm very pleased that they kept the main villain alive, leaving the door open to the Sinister Six. One villain I'm a huge fan of that I spaced on during recording--The Scorpion. My favorite part of the character, though, is his ties to JJJ and he's yet to make an appearance. I still hope JK Simmons will show up--as I keep saying: If Judi Dench can still be M after a reboot, JK Simmons can return as Jameson.


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